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The Challenge

Tennessee STEM wanted to create an event that would help teachers feel valued and supported in an ever-changing technological climate by putting new technology-based resources in their hands.

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The Solution

We created a hybrid event experience in order to meet the needs of busy teachers. Using the accompanying event app, teachers could access everything they learned for a year after the event. We elevated the event with lighting and graphics, creating the perfect backdrop for Tennessee STEM to announce extra room in the budget for each school to implement new technological advancements in the classroom. Finally, we incorporated a hands-on experience where teachers penned their feedback on paper airplanes, culminating in a unique and memorable event.

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The Results

The attendees’ feedback showed that the teachers felt recognized, valued, and ultimately empowered. We created unique solutions to meet Tennessee STEM’s needs, taking care to understand the client before thoughtfully building an experience to match.


teachers engaged across 8 different counties.


satisfied with event production.


hours of content played.


found virtual platform “very easy” to use.

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