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The Challenge

The International Justice Mission (IJM) solidified a blueprint that, when scaled, was set to protect 500 million people in poverty from violence, and rescue and restore 100 million to freedom and safety. Scaling the blueprint meant securing a significant amount of funds, and it was clear to IJM that in order to illustrate how the scaled model worked, they needed to ensure potential donors had a safe space to ask vulnerable questions about the legitimacy of IJM’s work and organization.


The Solution

We discovered that the audience’s primary desires were to spending time with IJM’s leaders, learn more about IJM’s model of protection, and foster community with fellow donors. We incorporated multiple networking opportunities to ensure guests had easy access to IJM’s leadership team. We kept production clean with minimal use of technology. To facilitate conversations, we curated comfortable spaces with choice cuisine. The event culminated in transformative testimonials from field representatives who directly experienced violence, and are now the very people on the ground overseeing IJM’s work.


The Results

IJM hoped to reach their fundraising goal within six months of the event. Within just two weeks after the event, they were already over halfway to reaching that goal. Guests were delighted to learn more about IJM in an intimate, inspirational setting. Most importantly, some guests donated thousands to IJM as their very first investment, while others increased their giving by as much as five times. Many guests committed to advocating for IJM’s cause, dedicating their time and resources to support IJM for years to come.

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