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Good Point: Finding
Common Ground.

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The Challenge

New York State School Board Association needed to create a safe space for conversation and reflection around diversity, equity, and inclusion in the midst of a politically charged climate.


The Solution

Our primary and secondary research revealed an experience designed to evoke empathy and activate change in New York State’s school board members. Regardless of background, behaviors, or beliefs, everyone agreed on one thing: it’s about the kids. They’re the future. We utilized the power of story to bring the students struggles to the forefront, unify humanity and establish common ground. The concept? Good Point: Finding Common Ground.


The Results

Almost 200 hundred New York school board members, educators, and administrators tuned in across the state for a fully online 2-day conference experience. In survey responses, attendees named the DEI activation as the most moving experience of the event, with 11% more “excellent” reviews than the highest rated conference session.


overall neutral or negative survey response.


slightly moved, showing moderately positive response.


highly moved, showing extremely positive response.


voluntarily committed to take this to board meetings.

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