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The Challenge

Teachers’ responsibilities have not changed, but everything around them is changing – society, culture, education, and more. Ohio STEM Learning Network wanted teachers to know they are supported by the Network, and one another, and to enable them to reach across space to solve new real-world problems. Redstory needed to design an experience that generated a wide-spread, positive “buzz” and ensured teachers would leave the inaugural gathering feeling like administrators – appreciated, treated professionally, inspired, and equipped. Teachers who chose to attend would make significant sacrifices of time, money, professional and personal commitments, so we knew we needed to create a worthwhile experience.


The Solution

STEM educators are problem solvers and innovators. The theme “Exploring the Astonishing” was brought to life to communicate OSLN’s trust in teachers’ ability to reach across space and solve new real world problems, demonstrating OSLN’s support of STEM educators. Redstory unveiled Event Branding that drew from the theme, looked professional, and sleek, but energetic, bold, and fun. The experience design was infused with moments of connection to apply learning while collaborating with one another. To ensure that teachers felt they were treated with the utmost professionalism and the learning environment was distraction-free, Redstory created a polished, sleek production design and rallied a team to ensure the event was executed flawlessly.


The Results

At the end of the event, one teacher in attendance affirmed that they felt this was the best industry conference out of the many they had attended, and another commented that they never would have guessed this was the first event of this kind the Network hosted. The Keynote speaker praised the event’s production saying “the production quality does not go unnoticed.” There was a buzz around the event’s success, leading OSLN to look ahead to making next year’s event even bigger, to celebrate and equip STEM educators from all across the state of Ohio.


satisfied with the experience design.


avg. attendee engagement.


said they will attend next year.

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