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The Challenge

A leading wealth advisory firm required a rebrand as it transitioned to an independent entity. We coached the firm through setting goals for the project, which were to effectively build a brand that resonated with their target audiences, stayed true to their core identity as a natural progression or next growth phase, and roll out the brand internally and externally in a way that left clients and employees feeling secure and at peace, viewing the change as a positive. These would be measured by client feedback and retention rates.


The Solution

For the new brand, Redstory took the lead in developing the brand strategy and visual identity, while working closely with their marketing team to successfully launch and implement the new brand across 45 wealth teams and over 130 employees in 10 different cities. After completing this process, we crafted a comprehensive campaign for both internal and external rollout.


The Results

We assembled a comprehensive deck to train employees on rolling out the new brand within their unique roles and departments. We composed a set of client communication emails, coached advisors on messaging, initiated a soft and hard launch of the newly design website, crafted announcements across social media, news outlets, and email. The results below say it all.


views on the rebrand press release.


increase in social media page views during the brand rollout period.


increase in social media conversions during the brand rollout period.

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