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The Challenge.

After their members had spent a harrowing year on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tennessee Hospital Association (THA) set out to praise their heroism. Redstory’s creative team wanted to tell a very clear and simple story, one that would be instantly relatable rather than cliche or predictable. With the challenge before us we jumped in, heart first.


The Solution.

To capture the deep connection between healthcare workers and patients or co-workers we wanted to take our viewers there, moving them toward the moment when lives were changed or saved. From the story of Ali, a nurse who created lesson plans for a third grade patient so he could stay up on his math homework, to Darrell a launderer who worked 12 hour shifts for 27 days in a row to keep frontline staff in clean protective gear and Caleb, an ICU nurse who a family credits with saving their 85-year-old mother’s life – each story needed to be told. And who better to tell them than those whose lives were touched so deeply? 


The Results.

Redstory’s creative team collected handwritten letters to each healthcare hero and then brought these letters to life through authentic videos grounded in realism. As a result, viewers are filled with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude, joy and hope.

“The Redstory team has a heart for storytelling and that was apparent on day one. Working with them was truly refreshing.”

– Elizabeth Morrison, Senior Director of Marketing and Brand Communication, THA 


videos created in 4 weeks.


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